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I've noticed someone commenting about losing their accreditation and the reason turned out to be that counting from that day to 30 days before they didn't have 3 videos submitted to their YT account.

My question is, does any video that's properly tagged count? Do they need to be of certain length? I'm asking because I often upload short videos that are a parody or a capture of something funny happening in game and they are often under a minute long.

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That is a great question!
We are checking in on random times accredited accounts to see if those are still active and are still tagging right and if they don't the accreditation status is taken away.

To get accreditation we need to see at  least 3 videos that are not older than 30 days and those videos should be at least 5 mins long. Those that are shorter are not being counted for accreditation, so as long as your videos are not all less than 5 mins its still fine.
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Thank you very much for the answer!
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