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My tags are going from "ruins" which is a relevant tag to Atlas that describes the zones which some of my videos take place and changing them to "The Ruins: VR ESCAPE THE ROOM" Im not sure if the other tags it shows are the ones flagging it too but for example my Atlas: Quick Tame guide video they are Access (atlas is early access), Blood day? This is not a tag in my video, Guide (which it is), Lion (tamed in the video), Metal (used to craft items in the taming process), Pirate (its a pirate game), Stone (again used in the crafting process for taming) and Wolf (also tamed in the video)

Almost all of my other videos are having the same issue but just like this one all my tags are relevant to the videos.

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The tags are all indiviuell games so devs see your video on their gaming video content and check them, and as they are not videos of their game being played they flag them as invalid.
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I have looked at many other posts of the same issue and it seems like your tagging system is causing you many problems and needs to be re done or disabled. I do not have the tags that your system says I have like "THE RUINS: ESCAPE FROM VR" i just have Ruins because that is the location my video takes place in atlas.

I see other posts say that "Blood Day" is being tagged because we have "Shooter" in our tags. There is no way everyone on youtube properly tagging their shooter game video as Shooter should be getting tagged as Blood Day.

I see dozens of other people having the same problem. It seems like you should disable this function until it can be implemented better or correctly because the current system is incorrectly making everyone's videos who are correct invalid. On top of that its causing you to repeatedly waste your time fixing the same issue over and over. Our tags are not invalid, the system wrongly identifying them is the problem.

Thank you for your help! Please fix my videos.
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Or maybe if its the Devs of "The Ruins: Escape from VR" that are flagging every other game with the single word ruins in the tag then those are the people abusing the system. They cant own that individual word. Thats like World of Warcraft flagging everything with the word "world" in the tags. So anyone with "persistent world" or "World of Tanks" on an actual world of tanks video being flagged.

If that's the case the devs need to be educated on whats appropriate to flag and whats not because they are ruining your system and causing unnecessary problems just for personal gain of invalidating anything they can that does not promote them.

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