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My tags have been claimed to be invalid using "climb",  "glitch", "minecraft",  and "snapshot".  All of those are valid tags pertaining to this particular Minecraft video.  Can you please explain why your system calls this invalid.  According to YouTube, this is correct tagging as it pertains to the video.

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The tags on your videos should be tags of the game you are playing, there are games that are called "Snapshot", "Climb", and so on. As soon as you tag a video with the game tags the videos show up on the devs list as new created content, they can then check the videos and if it doesn't contain their game, they flag it as invalid as it is changing their statistics of their game.

Which is also why we are so strict when checking for accreditation.
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ok, thanks.  I have edited the tags on my video on youtube for the one marked invalid for tags on Keymailer.  I cannot edit the same video on keymailer, is there a reason or will the system at some time refresh the video for the updated tags?  thank you!
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The tags for Keymailer should only be the game that you are playing/reviewing. You can edit your tags on Keymailer to delete the ones that are incorrect. It won't mess with any of your tags on YouTube's side.
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That seems to be the problem though, I am trying to get accredited.  I have met the requirements, waited, was under review and get denied because of the tags in my original post.  I understand you want to make sure content creators are doing the right thing, but this is confusing for everyone.  My tags are being used correctly and Keymailer view says they are invalid.  Can this be corrected?  Thank you.
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Sorry, I'm not KM staff and I am also trying to get accredited. I had the same issue you did and it wasn't really explained that I could see. I only noticed when I was going through my coverage stream when I noticed it was picking up the wrong tags due to my YouTube videos being tagged correctly.

After I went back through them I went back to pending. I wish there was some other ways to see what you are doing wrong other than asking on the forum. :(
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Yeah, everything is vague when it comes to this issue.  I have went back through the videos and the ones they list as " This content item has been flagged as invalid", meets Keymailer and the games tags.

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