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I have a few questions in regards to the video coverage requirements for Twitch accreditation.

1. The moment someone links their Twitch channel, would it grab the stream history for video coverage purposes or do you need to stream a few times after linking the account to trigger the accreditation process?

2. If the channel is set not to keep video footage available on the profile, does it mean that the streams don't count for accreditation? In other words, is it necessary to have at least 3 videos from your stream saved and correctly tagged to start the accreditation, or does Keymailer rely on information provided by Twitch about all the streams in general?

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Keymailer is grabbing your streams in the moment they happen, so it cannot grab something that has been streamed a while ago.

You do not need to keep the video footage on your account for us to count them towards accreditation, but it is always good to keep them for a bit in case the devs of the games are checking the content created.
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