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I'm finding myself in a bit of a situation here. I haven't used Keymailer in quite a while due to having had to take a break from active content creation for quite a while. To keep a long story short, however, here are the facts:

1) I'm not exactly comfortable sharing account emails in a public forum like this (why on Earth was this choice made for a support portal?), but it matched my YouTube channel's name at the time.
2) Since then, and after having not used that email address or Keymailer for a while, I rebranded to my channel's current name, and as I thought I no longer needed the old domain name, I let it lapse

The problem being I apparently forgot I had used it for Keymailer. My issue now is that I can't login because my account was supposedly logged into during the time period an automated attack was happening, and I assume my account was locked as a precautionary measure, which is good.

However, I don't believe the domain name was active during that time, and so I had no idea it had happened.

What are my option for getting back into my account? I still of course have access to the YouTube channel linked to the account, as well as emails from Keymailer dating up to 11/07/2017.


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Could you send me your youtubename of your old account? I can find it via that one and if you want connect your new email address to that account so you can log in there.
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I absolutely can. For the majority of time I was using the account, the YouTube channel name was NalaNosivad, though it is now LordPie. I can't find a way to message, so I'll just do the rest here.

The old email was contactme@nalanosivad.co.uk.

Is there any other information you need?

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