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I understand that this question is asked quite frequently, but I'm not totally sure how to start the accreditation process as a freelance gaming journalist. I've filled out the 'Websites and Blogs' section on my profile, but I neither own nor directly work for any of the sites on which I submit my content, and I'm not certain of how I might further prove that I am who I say I am. I know that this site primarily caters to YouTubers and streamers, but the services provided by Keymailer would also be a major help to me as a writer.


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You did for writers the first and most important step: filling out the website and blog details.
By filling those out we have you in our database to check for accreditation as a editorial website.

If you do not do any video content this is first all you can do at this moment. Otherwise it would be like normal accreditation (posting videos)

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