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So I pre-purchased the game as I didnt think I would get a free key. If I try and enter the key in Epic games store, it tells me that I already own the game. I have asked for a refund from them before running the game with the purchased "key". I am just wondering if this will effect my keymailer profile in terms of the rank thing and as the key is not redeemed / used up.

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In this case it would be best to contact the devs quickly (so they can provide you with a working key).

It won't affect your profile if you don't cover every single key you receive (as long as there are keys being covered)
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Hey thank you for getting back to me. The key works, its just the Epic Games launcher telling me that I already have the game which is true as I bought it a week ago. Then the other day I get the awesome free key, which got me worried with the ranking system here as I could not use the key.

I have now worked something out with Epic Games and have redeemed the key sent to me :)

Sorry I can see how I was not clear in my first post.
One last question, the key status in my profile says Redeemed with a yellow dot. Should this be the case? Should it not say that apart from accepting the key that the key is used and tied to me? Does the system know that I have actually inserted the Key number in the Epic Games launcher to redeem it? As I am not seeing such indication.
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