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I've noticed that the requirement to get the accreditation process started is 50 subscribers, but is it just something that puts you on the pending list until you reach a certain tier that's enough to get reviewed?

I've started my YouTube channel in January this year so I don't have many subscribers yet (around 200). I upload gaming videos, they have proper length to meet the criteria and I upload regularly, tag correctly etc.

One of my videos went slightly viral on Reddit and has over 134 000 views so I guess I'm slowly getting on the right track.

My account is still on pending for over 2 months and I wonder is it because I've started the pending process right away from when I breached the 50 subs barrier and the system put me on the bottom of the list. Is there a chance to get my account reviewed quicker or do I need to wait for the backlog to go down to 50? Does getting more subscribers while I'm already on pending put me higher on the list or maybe I still need to reach a certain threshold?

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As soon as you have 50 subs you get onto the pending list.

When we check the list it shows us 3 tables, Youtube, Twitch and Mixer and all of the account sorted starting from the highest sub count down to the lowest.

We work those down. As soon as someone has met the criteria their account gets sorted into the list (in real life time, which is why it is possible that if someone has 500k subs, they get accredited within a few minutes as they show up on the top). For twitch and Mixer we are up to date with the subs, so we accredit those Monday to Friday down to 50 subs. Youtube we are fighting through a lot more, as the tagging works differently and every other account tags incorrectly or tags non gaming videos.

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