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Ok I've been asking so many questions and quite frankly, it's started to get REALLY annoying. My account was JUST about to be checked (pending) and now it's unaccredited. I've been waiting for a week now. The admins response to this was that my videos were incorrectly tagged. First of all, that doesn't make any sense as I did tag the games I wanted on my new videos. That was the instructions of the site. Secondly, there is no message to why my videos are "incorrectly tagged" and everything looks ok on my video feed. I only noticed that one of my video's were tagged with "Grip: Combat Racing" which I didn't tag. You can even look in the tags yourself. So this fault is on Keymailer's end. Come on guys this is starting to look really unprofessional... Please reply ASAP lmao I really need to create some new content lmao.

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I please check the other thread for the answer on the tagging the games you want to receive.

For the game Grip, I checked your video and it has the tag "Grip" on it. Which is the tag for the game "Grip: Combat Racing", which is why it showed up on it.

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