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Hi, traveled a little bit around these threads and wondered if there is any possibility of being able to talk with any of the support members in a different place, starting from Discord or a Steam group, a Discord channel would make communication way faster.

This suggestion comes from the necessity of several answers on one single thread, making it a conversation.

(As an example, one of my threads where I need an updated answer from support)

Thanks for your service once more.
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Just like holajasd, I have been searching around the threads and looking for an actual contact email. I had a question about being accredited, but I thought it would be easier to email personally.
(Or talk to a representative)

Thank you for your time.

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Currently, we do not Discord or Steam group. We used to have a helpdesk in which we could talk  but as it has been abused by 90% the tickets coming in, it has been closed down and has been replaced with this one.

Let me send you an email from my keymailer email address and you can explain me what you need help with!

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