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Hello and good day.
Apologies for the questions in this post, but I just need some clarifications.

Firstly, I know that to get to pending you need 50 subscribers. I'm at 660 and I am still under "Unaccredited". I haven't gotten to "Pending" yet either. Can I ask how long it takes before someone checks my account and updates my accreditation (from the moment I signed up)?

Second question is with the Coverage Stream section of our profiles. How is it that my Twitter feed is being updated there but my YouTube isn't? I publish videos daily and I use the correct tags, and yet, only the Twitter posts/uploads are showing. I daily refresh my channel connection with Keymailer as well as that of my Twitter account, so I'm flummoxed about this.

Third, why is my Hours Played showed on my Profile 0? I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be as I have been using Steam to play some of the games, even those I did not manage to get a review key for. How exactly is that playtime counted?

I hope you guys can answer my queries.
Thank you much.

Much respect,

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That is very odd.
I had a look on your profile and your youtube channel and from what I can see everything should be picked up normally.
I forwarded your profile to our dev so that they can have a look what is going on as everything that you are doing is absolutely right.
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Thank you so much for your response and action.
I finally got accredited and also got to see my Youtube posts from the past couple of days in my Coverage Stream. I was worried I might be missing something so I double and tripled check before opening this post.

Now, the only question I have are the game hours statistics displayed. How is that calculated, if I may ask? Because, again, the hours in the games I've played using Steam (that are available in Keymailer) doesn't seem to get counted. It's not really that big of a deal (I think, for me) but it's just confusing how that works.

Again, thank you so much for your help.


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