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Title. Adding 2430 videos manually would take a lot of time. All my videos contain the name of the game in English both in the title as well as tags.

I kindly ask you to fix this issue for me. Not to mention my rank is bronze because of this. With 20,112,008 views (20 million) I hope I should be higher than bronze.

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Let me have a look for you!

First thing in front: Do not look too closely onto the ranking system, it is being remodeled and has been taken off of the new sign up accounts but some older accounts have slipped through the clean up. The ranking is not being updated as we are currently integrating a newer ranking that takes more things into consideration.

Ah I saw that your most recent video was from 8 months ago. Keymailer only goes 1 year back in time to import new videos.
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Thanks for the answer. Yes, the recent video is  8 months old. However, I registered my keymailer account in 2016 and was uploading several times during the week during 2016 and 2017. Meaning the videos didn't import back then as well.  In other words when I created my account in 2016 I had 1000+ videos and keymailer imported only 20  back then.

There was obviously an import issue on my account, since keymailer only imported 20 videos out of 1000s. I kindly ask to resolve my issue since the import of videos never worked for my account and adding 2000+ videos manually is unreasonable for me.

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