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Ok I'm reposting this again as no one responded. If you want to see the full story just look at my previous question on my profile. So after waiting for about a week my account was pending! (For a day) the next morning it was unnacredited. So I posted a question about it. The admin replied saying all the videos on my channel were tagged invalid. They weren't. Everyone stated that to receive an accredited channel you have to make 3 videos a month and tag them with the games you want provided by Keymailer. For instance, I wanted carx, PC Building Sim and The Crew 2, so I got their YouTube tags from Keymailer and integrated them into the tags of 3 of my recent videos this month. After I did this, my account was finally pending! And then I went back to being unaccredited. I did see that some of my videos had irrelevant tags and were being picked up as games. This is a fault on Keymailer's end and I want them to fix this as it's been happening to lots of other people. I'm fed up of waiting so if an admin sees my situation please can you promote my channel and give it an accredited status? This issue has cost me lots of time and it's been delaying my YT content. Thanks in advance, I hope an admin can quickly resolve my issue as I've seen someone with a similar issue he was already given an accredited account, so hopefully I can also receive something like that.

[EDIT] Here's my channel by the way, it's got 6.8k subscribers and I do lots of gameplay and I need games for that, hence why Keymailer plays an important role in my career. https://www.youtube.com/WolffRW

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Oh no!  Now I know the reason of the confusion!
Let me explain it again, you tag the videos with the game that are being played in the video. NOT the games you would like to receive.
Thats why all of your tags have always been seen as invalid. You tag the video with the game that is being played in the video, so that the system can categorize it and send it to the right dev so that they can check their statistics of how many content is being made with their game.

The keys you want to receive and the content you are making have nothing to do with each other. The keys you want to have you just need to request, and your account shows up on the devs of the games requested list (they than go into your profile and check your account for the content you produce, how much you produce and if you are a fit to their game).

Again you do NOT tag the games you want to receive in videos, but the game that is being played in the video!
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