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Hey there!

My Youtube channel currently has 8000+ subscribers and 2900+ uploads (50+ videos this month) - Video length 20 - 30mins each.
I guess I'll met any accreditation qualifications and I'm waiting. ^^

My profile also shows the following, which is weird:



I mean, there are dozens of played through games on my channel.

Have a good day. ;)

1 Answer

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I had a look on your profile, and you are currently not pending as your last video on your content stream is from December ( we need 3 videos  not older than 30 days to check for accreditation).

We take your information for games played and the hours from your steam account. I had a look and it doesn't show your games played on there which is why keymailer cannot correctly show it.
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First of all, I appreciate the answer, but 3 videos, not older than 30 days?
How about more than 50? Like I stated above.

I too can clearly see, that it only shows some videos from December last year, so...
How do we fix this?

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