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I have been waiting a couple of months or so for accreditation and still do not have it. I was also VR verified but that has gone even though most of my Youtube content I make is VR.

Also it shows I have x number of games but is no longer showing games covered even though I play frequently and post frequently to my Youtube channel. I am very careful with tagging my videos to make sure they are relevant and accurate. What is going on?

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Hi Simple Simon,

I had a look on your account and accredited you ;)

Also which games and videos are not showing up to you? I can have a closer look on them for you!
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Hi, thanks for that. Just had a look now and now it is showing me as VR verified again, so it must have been a glitch?

It has not yet caught up on my Youtube content which I uploaded at the weekend, the games are Star Shelter, Hellion and Police Enforcement VR. Maybe a bit slow catching up? I have just done the refresh now so will check back again tomorrow.

Thanks again.
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Good evening,
I've got the same Problem.
Can you please help me, too ?
I Hope, for a quick answer...
Thanks and a good evening...
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