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I have a good channel with over 2k subs, over 50 LONG videos, more than 5-6 long-lenth videos last week.
My channel has been in "unaccredited" status over one week, it doesn't go to "pending".
Can you please tell me what is going on or could you manually look at it?

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Hi Sam117,

Thats odd, let me have a look on your account to check whats going on !

To me you show up as pending, but your account wasn't entirely up to date, I updated it and it shows as far as I can see now everything.

Oh and I also accredited you ;)

Have a nice day :)
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Hello, mr KM Help, i've got exactly the same issue, would you mind to have a look at my problem too? I will be kinda grateful! http://community.keymailer.co/190/verification-does-change-pending-just-stuck-unaccredited
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hey mr. km help im having the same problem http://community.keymailer.co/609/why-is-my-account-still-unaccredited
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