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Could I please have an update on the status of my account? I've been actively uploading/streaming for the past 3-4 months, I was recently given a key to a game that I also covered and fulfilled with the proper tags, I was told that once I did that, my keymailer rank would improve, I haven't seen any confirmation on that either, so, could I please have an update to the "pending" status I've had for 2 months and to check and make sure that the last game I was given & covered actually counted towards my keymailer rank?

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Musica Senpai
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I've been on pending since early January. I have around 200 subs. Tons of my stuff gets views from Reddit. One of my videos has over 134 000 views. I'm still not accredited either. I wonder what's going on too.
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Apparently they prioritize Mixer & Twitch channels over Youtube channel's, I see why they do it as it is much faster to accredit Mixer and Twitch, but some of us are actually trying to make a career/living out of this, regardless platform we should all be treated equally in my opinion. But oh well.
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I have 600 - 1000 visitors daily, sometimes up to 2000. In a month approx. 10 000 - 12 000. Seriously two developers have asked me to use this weird keymailer site. I can and will lose my visitors if I don't have new material regularly. I'm gonna recommend for those particular developers to use something else, like terminals.io which actually works.

If I have to wait 5 months whats the point of doing those reviews anymore? I mean I would love to do, but it would not see wider audience as the developer would want me to achieve.

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I had a look on your account, and currently we are on about ~300 subs that we are down on youtube when checking.
When checking the accounts we check from highest to lowest subs on Mixer, then twitch and then youtube (as mixer and twitch is a lot faster to check and there are less accounts and mistakes being done than on youtube). About 3 quarters of the keymailer users are using only youtube, so we have a lot more to check on there which is why we are on about 300 subs now.

The ranking model is currently frozen as a new one is currently being implemented but still needs a few more weeks until it is properly available to every account (we are testing it on a few selected ones). The old ranking just took subs and coverage into account, the new one also views, watchtime, views to subs ratio and much more.
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Oh and almost forgot, I had a look on your content stream and if you would be checked now, you would not get the accreditation due to incorrect tagging (the pacify video also containing the tags "Scary Girl" and "nine", The Devil May Cry video also containing "nero",..)
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Ok so it sounds like my account is coming up in the list. Awesome! I would like to make sure that the key for the game Pacify that was given to me will be taken into consideration in the new system then. And I just noticed the DMC 5 video and the Pacify video had extra tags that I did not add, it's odd but I corrected that, from now on I will make sure they all only have 1 tag, one tag being the name of the game itself, so am I looking at roughly 1-4 more weeks?

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