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I have a very active YouTube account with gaming videos I post regularly. Most of them get their views from Reddit, and one of them even went viral and currently has over 134 000 views. I tag correctly, I upload videos that meet the 5 minute criteria, 3 videos in 30 days criteria (much more than that) and I currently have well over the required amount of subscribers.

I might have an issue with Youtube not counting my new subscribers to the total count since the moment I was getting more views than usual because of a popular video, I would for example have 268 subscribers shown in YouTube Studio beta, but the channel directly would suddenly reset to something like 144 and stay on that number, and so on. It might have something to do with Youtube's filter for getting subscribers too quickly, and since I would get a video featured on an external site like Reddit and suddenly get thousands of views, the subscribers weren't accounted for that day, in case I was trying to quickly get to the 1000 mark for unlocking monetization.

Just to prove I'm not lying, here's the link to my 134k view video featured on Reddit:


May I request a direct accreditation check, since I've been on pending for a few months now and my account doesn't seem to show the exact number of subscribers I have (it's not a spectacularly higher number, but still)?

Thank you!
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When you are tagging your videos on YouTube, are you using several tags to describe your video that would be considered the correct tags on YouTube?

If yes, then you need to manually to through your "My coverage stream" on your Keymailer profile and delete the extra tags that are not the game itself.

Some of your tags may be picking up titles to other games which would disqualify you from tagging correctly on Keymailer.

- Shadowist

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