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If this is in the wrong category I apologize.

I streamed a game yesterday called Fairy Knights. Twitch didn't have it in it's list of games and defaulted the category back to "Retro" without me realizing it. The title of the stream has both the game name and the hashtag in it. Is there any way to get credit for coverage of this game with Twitch not correctly labeling it even though I attempted to do it correctly or will I get a negative response from this as if I never covered it?


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Thank you for writing!
Unfortunately, we cannot put game tags onto twitch either. The devs can put them in themselves though.

The only way I could imagine is that you tag it as another game, go back into keymailer and click on "edit tags" and delete the old wrong tag and put the actual tag in.

That contains a lot of work from your side though :/
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