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I'm litte bit confused of my account/accreditation situation. I would like to know is there a problem somewhere or did I do something wrong. I have a video game review website with 600-1000 visitors a day and I get review copies from developers almost every time I ask one. This particular developer/publisher wanted me to collect a review key from keymailer that I haven't use before. I use terminals.io which seems to be something like keymailer right? Or am I missing something :D

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It can take some time until you get verified, don't worry :)
To speed up a process make sure you are using appropriate tags.
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Ha-ha, I tried to add four more tags, but none of them were allowed and I don't know all the available tags that I can add, so it is what it is at the moment.

-- Oh I find few now.
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I really need to start doing reviews of few games. WOULD. SOMEBODY.PLEASE.APPROVE.ME.OR.NOT.
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We are currently still working through the list, it's hard to estimate how long it will take as we have a lot more things to check on website accreditation then with videos.

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