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Hi, dear KM.

Please explain me where and what tags I should put to get accreditation?
link to channel https://www.youtube.com/antongatl

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So, basically on YouTube you are allowed to tag a video as anything relevant to the game. So, the name of the game, then other things like "speedrunning" "race" "fast" and so on.

If you look on your "My Stream Coverage" when it picks up a video it will show you the name of the game (the correct tags for each game is located on that game's page on Keymailer) then you may start to see tags that are considered not relevant. You will need to manually go through each one to remove those tags on Keymailer because it is also picking up names for other games that are not relevant to the game you are playing/reviewing.

So just make sure on your "My Stream Coverage" you only have the relevant game show up as tagged for that particular video.

- Shadowist

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