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I can't link my twitch account to show my coverage. I get this error every time I tried to connect it

"We're sorry, that hasn't worked as planned!

We've logged the error and we'll investigate. If you have any information you can provide to help, please contact support and let us know what you were trying to do when the error occured."
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Same here .. I  only get a 500 Internal error

1 Answer

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It shows me that twitch has revoked our access to your account:
[25th Feb 2019 21:59] Twitch oAuth for account 'unkas' revoked (ID: 423525, UID: 28235741)

I would recommend unlinking keymailer through your twitch account and then trying to connect it again.
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I did it, unlinked from twitch then get back to link it on keymailer and got the same error. After tried to authorize got the same message
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Thanks for letting us know, I forwarded it to our devs so that they can see what is going on

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