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Is there a way to know the state of an accreditation procedure (Editorial website)? We produce a lot of reviews on our website but they are not all tracked by the twitter account we created for keymailer (not all games we cover are distributed here) .

IndieReviews staff

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Every time I try to fill up a new question I got this message

A Question2Answer database query failed when generating this page.
A full description of the failure is available in the web server's error log file.

here my question, sorry to interrupt!

I have a growing blog/website waiting for accreditation since forever, I don't understand what link I've to submit in "Stats Service / Enter URL of the service you use to track your audience stats" usually these services are ''private'' and I can't give you access, actualy i use Matomo (PWick) for these stats. Also by the time I submitted the first request, the number has doubled... what can I do?
the website's showcase for review is https://www.pdvg.it/category/recensioni/ we make a lot of review of keys we get and with 200k  monthly viewers and social media coverage the contribution is not secondary (facebook 119k subs and more) also sometime youtube video with tons of views are reported with 0 views (like tropico6)!
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Weird that posting on q2a didn't work for you! I am having a look into it.
I forwarded your website to be checked from our staff, you can always keep the screenshot up2date by uploading a new screenshot every month. If you cannot link a stats website and your website is getting checked, a staff member will send you an email asking for a screenshot of that website.
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Thanks for the answers, i've added a whole screenshot of the stats

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