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Videos on my content stream have been flagged as invalid, with no explanation. Could anyone tell me why this has happened. I'm also worried that this will delay my accreditation. Please help!

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Hi Kokomo1960,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately it seems as though the content which has been added to your steam is not appropriate. This could mean that either the Game the content represents does not match the tag assigned to it, or the content itself is inappropriate and against Keymailer's rules. Also please watch out that you only tag games that are being played in the video. Multiple tagging can also lead to a flagged video.

Please be careful to make sure that your are tagging appropriate content using the official tags provided by Keymailer. Also, please make sure that the tag matches the content.

Please note, incorrect tagging confuses publishers and undermines your creditability on Keymailer which could hold up your accreditation, so following proper practice is an important step towards getting accredited.

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