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i have a good channel, meet all requirements, it's been said at the right bottom that when i meet all requirements, my status should go from unaccredited>pending>accredited at some point.

but since my reqistration, it still stays in unaccredited mode, never went to pending and as a result, i can't get my verification.

Any chance i can have a super ninja to check my channel please? I swear it's all good with my tags and my channel in general, it's not a situation where you just waste your time!

Thank you very much.

2 Answers

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How many followers have you got on your best video platform?

We have to prioritise bigger channels because we can only do a few hundred accreditations each day.
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I have around 5000 subscribers on my channel and around 1000 on twitter too.

This is what i got in my settings:
Status Last refreshed

So, keymailer refreshed my channel once under registration, one week ago and since then nothing happened, it doesn't pick any new videos or content from twitter, whatever.

This community account is the same as i used under my keymailer registration, any chance you can check what is going on?

Thank you.
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