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just got a random email from here. Didnt sign up for anything nor do i want this. Was this done because ive signed up for alpha games?
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I can't even get a password reset from twitter what did you guys do?!

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It shows us that with your email address there has been an account created on keymailer on      21st Dec 2018 @16:30, and your twitter account has been connected as well as a twitch account called "pizzleislive".

Keymailer has no access to your twitter account other than being able to read your tweets and linking them. Your Keymailer wasn't able to access your account to read those on 12th of April ([12th Apr 2019 21:40] Twitter access failed for account 'BigPizzle' (account ID: 798310)). So someone has accessed your twitter and probably changed your password.

I had a look on https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see if someone maybe breached into your email address, and it shows up there has been 7 instances.

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