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Plus, I've tried manually adding in my videos but the description and the title are all wrong. Although I've tagged the correct games in my videos, the game titles don't appear when I add vids manually into tracking.

For instance, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpXkzNji2e8 is a stream I did for Sin Slayers but when I add this game manually, the title and description that are shown are from a previous stream.

I should also mention that not all the game I've streamed are available to be tagged on YouTube and I planned on tagging the correct game after manually adding in the video. However, I can't as easily fix the issue regarding the incorrect title and description unfortunately.
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Views and likes on these videos aren't updating either

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Thank you for writing. I forwarded it to our dev and there was some kind of weird bug in there, not from our side but from youtubes side. Our devs took all of your videos down on your content stream and resetted your entire profile and re-imported them and now all is working normally on our side.

The views and likes are only updating every 14 days.
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Appreciate the help, thanks a lot!

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