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Here's the thing. My two cents. A little bit of a rant. But Keymailer's tagging system is frustrating to use.

If a game has an "official hashtag" of '#magicgun' and a "youtube tag" of 'magic gun', then it should only match a video if the video has the tags '#magicgun' or 'magic gun'. It should NOT match a video that just so happens to have the tags 'magic' and/or 'gun' as separate tags.

And if a game has an "official hashtag" of '#roguelite', it should NOT match the tag 'roguelite' (because it is missing the actual hashtag). First, roguelite (or rogue-lite) is a term used to describe an entire genre of game. Applying it to only a single game forever means that I can't actually use it as an informational tag for YouTube's content system. Second, since it appears as though games added to Keymailer can use any "official hashtag" they want, this can potentially be abused to match videos that don't belong.

I mean, why is '#roguelite' the official hashtag of 'Desert Kill'? And they get to own that tag on every video from now on, past present and future? I just looked at my own content and an absolute load of videos have automatically had that game added to the tag list, even videos that are months old!

Which is another problem in and of itself! I can't exactly keep my tags clean if a) Keymailer decides to travel back in time and adds tags to every video that it's ever scraped when a new game is added to their database, and b) Keymailer just lets new games pick any random word they want to mark their game. Will Keymailer remove accreditation because of new games added that match old tags?

I'll be honest, the tagging system in Keymailer seems like a mess. I believe that it would be much better if every "youtube tag" was unique and wouldn't accidentally be matched. Instead of something like 'magic gun', use '#DesertKill', '#MagicGun', '#EarthAtlantis', etc instead. People who WANT Keymailer to automatically scrape and add their videos to the database can just include that specific (and very intentional) tag to their video (hashtag included), without any worry about random incorrect tagging that could happen in the future when new games are added to Keymailer.

As-is, it just feels like Keymailer is trying to "own" the tags that get placed on YouTube videos, instead of piggybacking off of them.

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Hey AbeClancy!

Thanks for the post. Tagging is quite a 'fun' subject :)

All the social platforms deal with tags in a slightly different way, and we also see differences in how content creators and game publishers use tags.

As you know, Twitter needs a unique tags or the social elements don't work. So we try to encourage this by a) preventing hashtags being used if they've already been used by another game, and b) blacklisting very generic words and genres to prevent false positives when picking up the content for the game publisher - when we launched someone tagged their game #game and it nearly sent our servers into orbit!

YouTube tagging for games is in the process of changing and YT recently introduced a curated game list, like Twitch and Mixer. On the one hand this will make picking up the content more accurate, but the downside is it doesn't work so well for content featuring multiple games or vlogs, so for now we encourage publishers to set a unique tag that works for the game and content creators - recommendations on YouTube rely on this, so when you see some channels tagging all their videos with GTAV, Minecraft, COD, and Skyrim thinking it will pull in extra views, in reality the opposite is happening.

Tagging isn't infallible, sadly, so while we try to be as accurate as possible when picking up content, we realise you guys still need the tools to fix tagging which goes wrong for any reason, or report bad tags like the Roguelike instance.

When you post or stream new content, we are using that tag to match the content to one of over 60,000 games in the database, then let the correct publisher or their agency know. We did experiment with using unique codes as tags, but it didn't work well in tests.

All that said, we're constantly trying to improve how content is being picked up and speaking directly to the platform teams, so we do appreciate your feedback. There are a number of changes coming around how content is picked up in the coming months that we hope will address these issues for you.

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