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I have been waiting 2 weeks and 1 day. I never recieved a single key? Why is that? Im not being mad. Its just because I just wanna have some fun and stuff. Gaming is what gives me joy. So im asking please give me keys. I have requested a lot of times already so please. Thank you and please hear me C:
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Be sure to request recent games. Some devs also require you to be accredited. I've received a key I have requested even though I'm still pending accreditation, so I guess it depends whether or not the publisher is willing to also check the pending profiles themselves instead of only relying on Keymailer for that.

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If you are not accredited, You can try old school method and email the publisher.
Just send an email, stating your request and why you want a key.

If they don't get back to you, don't send another email and move on.


If you don't get rejection or approved within a week of requesting. Better to move on.

Also try social media giveaway for any keys near the release date.
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We are not sending any keys out ourselves.

Your requests are being sent directly to the devs of the games and they then choose who to give a key to and who not.

Important to note is that most of the devs and publishers filter out accounts that are not accredited,  and do not send to those keys at all, which is why chances of getting keys while being accredited are a lot higher.
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Gonna second what Vinnie posted. He's right on the money with this. I got some help from a streamer friend about connecting my socials, etc. Also yes, for most big games like MK11 and such I do assume you must be an accredited account.

I've gotten only 1 key on here so far out of all my requests. Some have been rejected too.
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yeah, you need "accredited" to even be seen on DEV homepage. that and you Medal helps too. But seem like that never gets updated, must are stuck at BRONZE. guess you need to pay for upgrades i heard.

 but keep requesting and popping out thos videos when and if you can. that will help, when your  accredited.


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