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Good evening,
i successfully attached my channels to  keymailer account but it looks like keymailer doesn't recognize some of my content.
all requirements are fine, i double checked those, so my account has to be in pending to get manual review but it doesn't want to!
it just stays unaccredited and doesn't pick up my latest content, i have done a couple of videos after my sign-up and keymailer doesn't see new videos.

but i have to admit, it still sees around 20+ and i have more than 10 videos done last month, so everything is ok.
is it possible to request a manual review of my account to see if everything is OK?
Many thanks

1 Answer

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alright, after one week keymailer picked up a couple of my new videos but many of those are still missing (but tagged correctly).

and still i have an unaccredited status, i have 2k subs and a lot of videos weekly, can i have a keymailer admin for a moment, just to check if everything is ok with my account.


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