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Hey Guys i'm new at keymailer and linked my main Channel to my Profile. I got a seperate Channel for Horror Let's Plays and wanted to ask:

Can i use the Keys for my second channel even i just linked my main Channel? (Because  adding my main channel and my second channel wasn't possible)

I want that the Publishers see the Content i created and get a better rank at keymailer, but do i have to use the Channel i linked at my Profile?

Or do i have zu make a second Account für keymailer?

Greetings from Germany
And sorry if my englisch is Bad xD

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Hi, good question.

We consider you to be a network, or a team (I'm not sure which yet!). We are working on supporting channels with more than one broadcaster, or broadcasters with more than one channel, but it has a lot of implications throughout the system, including for the publishers, so it's taking a while.

Until then, why don't you create two accounts, with different emails, and each one linking to one video channels, so you can request games most suitable for each channel with the right KM account?
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Hi thx for the answer.

No I'm not a Team or a network. it's just me. i just seperated the Horror Games from my main channel and created a second one for those who found me because of them ( i started with just horror and putted them aside by the time. and for those i created the second one)

so it whould be great if there where a chance to link more than one youtube channel so KM and the publishers see the contend i created on both channels :-)

but i thought so, that i have to create a second account for my horror channel and did that. but the second one isn't very big so i don't really think that i got many chances for the horror requests. (and i don't have a second steam account so its hard to get steam keys, since i linked my steam account with my LazarusPhoenix account at KM and cant use it for both :-( )

well, at least i still got my twitch account so i upload the horror parts there as well so KM and the publishers see my created contend. i hope there will be the option to link more than one youtube (or other plattform) channel soon.

greetings from Germany :-)
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