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hopefully to get a little help here.
my socials 100% meet keymailer's requirements:
To qualify for accreditation, you must:

Have an active channel on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer (got very active youtube channel)
Have an audience of at least 50 (got 5000)
Create and tag at least 3 gaming videos per month (got more than 5)

After a channel qualifies, it is pending, which means waiting for review.
(this never happened, unfortunally)

so keymailer thinks my channels do not meet requirements and automatic system doesn't want to add my account as pending ;/

can anyone look through my account and see what's going on there?

Big thanks.

PS it looks like this is something on keymailer's side since i can see like 4-5 identical requests ;/

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Hi Sue

Looks like you're accredited now!
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So is it possible to get a help with my account?
I just checked my account and it's still unaccredited even tho i have fulfilled all requirements.
It looks like keymailer does not update my profile, i tried to click that special button near my youtube channel (manual update) but it doesn't help.
Can you please manually look at my account and fix something please? :(
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If you answer your own question, we don't see your question as 'unanswered' so KM's community team doesn't know there's an unanswered question!
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