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This may be very premature, but I was wondering when or how my status changes to Pending? What is the average eta to be accredited and be more eligible to request keys?

Thank you for your time :)

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For accreditation you should stream/upload videos regularly over a longer period of time. We have a look at all of the videos that are uploaded and on your content stream from the last 30 days. Here we check the length of the videos (is it longer than 5 mins?), is it tagged correctly (only the game that is being played is tagged?), and the frequency of uploads (are all uploaded on one day and then nothing for the rest of the month?).

For accreditation you need to have at least 50 subs in twitch, mixer or youtube and have at least 3 videos on your content stream that are not older than 30 days.
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i still got the error [A Question2Answer database query failed when generating this page.
A full description of the failure is available in the web server's error log file.] Rome Time 13:50
so i write here :P

We are waiting for the website accreditation, it's hard to understand if we are being rejected or in pending for review, the website is over 450k monthly views and growing so it should also be hight in the review queue.
The note ''Email address ‘xxxxxxx@pdvg.it’ has been reviewed but does not come from an Accredited Publication. Please complete the Blogs section below." it's so generic [i would suggest updating the alert to be more clear to the user]
We have already a big Youtube channel, twitch channel and twitter channel accreditated but we review a lot of game on the website and it would be nice to have a response on the request, the 430 coverage score would be much higher
the review page of the site is https://www.pdvg.it/category/recensioni/
thanks for the kind attention
best regards
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Thanks for the reply KM Help,

I meet all of that criteria with ease. Is this an automatic approval process or manual? I have 1.3k subs on YouTube, 30+ videos in the past 30 days with plenty over 5mins long and I use correct tags for the appropriate game that is being played. Let me know what I can do to help, thank you!
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