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Since October 2018 I am no longer receiving keys. I really think this is very strange because even the smallest developers always send keys so there is no way I can stop receiving instead of what happened. I already tried to say that also in the forum and it was not solved. I kindly ask you to review my account right because you sure have a problem with it and the developers are not receiving my requests. For if they were receiving it appeared that some refused my requests just as it always did. And it would certainly have minor developer keys. At first your website helped me a lot but now I find it strange suddenly to happen this "lock of keys". I hope this issue is resolved because I am very disappointed with your site. I'm sorry for the outburst but I found it necessary to do so.

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I had a look on your profile and your profile is fine from our side.

What I have noticed though is that your internal rating on your received key and key coverage rate is very very very very bad. Which means of all the keys you have received you have covered so little that the chances of getting any feedback or coverage in return of giving a key is minimal to none. The publishers as well as developers can see this rating when choosing to distribute keys.

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