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Hi Keymailer Community,

I'm currently struggling with the tagging process on Keymailer. I've recently uploaded a few gameplay videos onto my YouTube channel and have connected my channel to Keymailer, but I don't know how to get those videos onto my tracked stream. Could anyone help me please?



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Hi Jim,

Tagging is a key component in getting your content onto Keymailer, and must be done correctly to ensure your accreditation goes smoothly. When uploading a video to YouTube or Twitch, or when posting content on Twitter, please use the official tags (found in each game's description on Keymailer) and attach it to that content. Please note, the game needs to be in the Keymailer system in order for the tag to be picked up.

Once your content has been correctly tagged, using the official tags found on Keymailer, your tracked stream should begin to populate with what you have uploaded on to your channels.

I hope this helps.
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What if someone is just starting out and has not gotten any keys?
i meet the criteria for example but of course im unable to tag for review videos created from keys here if one isnt getting access to those keys kinda like chicken or the egg

In respect to my YT channel i currently i tag all my videos correctly and i assume those videos do not matter and that its the tags within videos that are generated by reviews/keys here so you can confirm people are holding their end of bargain?

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