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I've been on top of my uploading schedule, I upload twice a week with decent views/likes/watch time. When I first applied for accreditation 3 months ago I was at 100 subs, Im currently at 330+, I've been on top of my tagging on Youtube AND Keymailer, making sure that everything is correctly tagged and filled out, I got a key from a dev and fulfilled the deal, tagging it correctly in social media websites and the video itself. I'm following Keymailer's instructions from top to bottom.

 I understood I would need to wait a few weeks if not a month or two worst case scenario, but it's already been 3 with no update whatsoever of what's going on or if Im even gonna be looked at, and even If I'm looked at I have a feeling you guys will tell me I can't be accredited for like a misspelling or something  odd like that, and make me wait another few months.

Keymailer staff, please help me out here, I want nothing but to work hard and make my channel succeed and the perks that you guys offer would help me greatly on the way up there, I've never been so motivated and devoted to something in my life before and I feel like I can make it far, but unfortunately I can't do it alone, I need help from all kind of places and you guys are my main/most effective type of help  I can get at this moment. If there is anything wrong with my account or a reason why I haven't been looked at or something I need to correct please let me know and I will literally fix it/correct it within 1-2 mins, I want nothing but follow your rules, requirements and agreements to make accreditation happen as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Hello ! first of all you have to choose the games you might like, this is the first thing that makes you like it, and the visions of your video! because as much as you do if the game does not attract the eye, you can do all the acrobatics you want but believe me, it is usually not your fault, especially if the game displayed is not your property.
You can't do the trick to him like a woman if it's ugly and ugly, if it's nice you'll like it :)

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There is nothing wrong with your channel, we are simply going through the list of pending and are working it down.

Just to have an idea how accreditation works from our side:
We get about 200-1500 accounts pending per day, in all ranges of subs. When we start with checking for accreditation, the list is being set up to check first mixer and then twitch (as those are super fast to check, as they are first of all not used as much as youtube and are not giving the users so much space for mistakes). They are all listed from highest subs to lowest and we check them through. After checking those down to 50 subs, youtube pops up, also highest to lowest.
Youtube is a difficult website to check as there is a lot of room for errors: incorrect tagging, multiple tagging, games tagging itself,  videos of only 10s of length, videos tagged that are not gaming videos, uploading videos that are not their own and so on.

For youtube we have to open EVERY SINGLE VIDEO uploaded within the last 30 days that is on your content stream and scan through them. Which takes a lot of time. When it takes us 10-30s to check a twitch or mixer streamer, it can take us easily 5 mins or more to check a youtuber. Next thing is: We do not decline accreditations, aka if you didn't receive accreditation now, we check you again. and again. and again. and again. If you do the same mistake more than 5x, we put you on hold, to check you not every week or multiple times per week anymore, but in 1 month time. So working down the youtube list is taking unfortunately a lot of time just to give an idea: We have about 50-200 profiles we have to check to just go down 1(!) sub. So we have 50 account with for example 555 subs. And once we are finished for the day with accreditations, and log back in the next day we have another couple of hundred accounts back in pending.

We are never on purpose ignoring anyone, if your account is being checked, you will notice it (by either getting accreditation, your status changing to on hold or if we flag videos). But it is a time-consuming work to check users, that cannot be automated to work faster.

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