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I have found several things on the main site that says to email you guys with the 3 reviews in the last 3 months, but it fails to provide WHERE to email. (Link below)


I have found an email elsewhere, but it appears to be only for publishers (as it's publisher.support@keymailer.co), and every question pertains to game devs/pubs.

In any case, I am trying to get accredited, and have been waiting a few months. It seems some of the information isn't at hand to make it happen.

Any assistance in this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Sorry for confusion. The helpdesk is an outdated source that isn't being used anymore and for whatever reason the FAQ should not be online anymore (I let my collegues know to take it down).

For editorial accreditation you do not send any reviews in anymore, but fill out on your "settings"-"WEBSITES AND BLOGS" all of the information of the blog and as soon as you hav done that you are on our "pending editorial" list that we go through for accreditation
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