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1. Is there an easier way to see what games I've received keys for vs. what games I've covered? I know what games I've covered, but it's hard to tell if the tag got picked up by Keymailer or not.

2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe developers see a "percentage of games received and covered" statistic? How is that calculated? Does it only take into account games that I've received keys for, or does it count the total number of games in my Steam library?

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Currently we do not have a way, but just thinking about it, would it be helpful if we would add a box next to the redeemed key that automatically ticks off as soon as a video/stream has been picked up that covers this game?

They can only see a rating system which ranges from -3 to +3, -3 being the worst and +3 the best. It is only taking the games you have redeemed via keymailer into account, so the games you have bought yourself on steam are not being considered.
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A visible box would be very useful! I'm just worried that I'm covering/reviewing all the games I receive, but the developers are seeing something different because a video doesn't get picked up or the developer changes the tag or etc.
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Hey, Just got the message we will be adding in the box, so that it is easier to track.
Tags are usually only changed if they have been really poorly choosen (we had a dev call their tags "game" "shooter" which is getting changed by us to the actual games name.

If a video ever not gets picked up, you can write us here, it is always possible that a internal link is broken, which we can fix within 20s
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I've always used the correct tags and never had a game not be picked up (unless there isn't a page for it here), but I appreciate the offer!

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