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Hey community!

I've just created a new e-mail address for my game review company. At the moment, my Keymialer account is using my old e-mail as the primary. How do I go about making my new e-mail address the primary one for my Keymailer acount? Do I have to contact Keymailer direct to do this? Thanks


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Hi GOWSpecialz,

Please find below a step-by-step set of instructions which will help you to change your primary address:

1) Go to "My Profile"

2) Select "Settings"

3) Click "Edit" on the Account panel

4) Next to the Email drop-down, click the link to add more email addresses

5) Select "Add additional e-mail address"

6) Enter your new e-mail address

7) Select "Save Addresses"

The keymailer system will then send you a confirmation to the newly added e-mail address. Once confirmed, go back onto the "Settings" (Account) page (Step 3) and select the newly added email address from the Email drop-down (the new email address will not appear in this list until it is confirmed).

I hope this helps.

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