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I have to submit my youtube videos manually. Is coverage stream only for streaming videos or is the standard youtube videos have to be found by your robots ? In that second case, they can't found mine on youtube.

No problem found about my twitch stream videos.

I use the tags for youtube content.

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I had a look on your account and even when I try to add the videos in manually they don't show up, so there is something odd going on. Our dev is looking over your profile right now to see whats up
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thanks a lot.
I'll stay tuned in case i have to make any action you should need me to do for help solve my case.
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We are currently working on it. One question though: https://madmin.keymailer.co/gamers/868271 I was looking at "Découverte de Minimax Tinyverse Fr". We have this already from the 6th of May. Did you updated the video or took it down and republished it or something?
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When i discover that my youtube coverage was not included, i started to put the videos manually with the "Submit content" button. But i stop doing that after only a few videos to contact you about that.
Is that the answer to your question or am i misunderstand it ? (English is not my native language)

Thanks a lot for your help.

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It does, Thank you :)

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