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I have 3 videos published within the last 30 days on my channel.

2 of those games can be found when searching for them on Keymailer - the 3rd, World War Z, cannot be found.

Does this mean I fail the "Create and tag at least 3 gaming videos per month" requirement?

Is the '3 videos' requirement more specifically '3 videos that feature on Keymailer's list of games'?

Also, where do I see what is being picked up for my "Content Stream"? I have nothing listed on my Profile page under "MY COVERAGE STREAM".

Thanks for your help.

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In order to get Accredited you need to have at least 3 tagged videos in the last 30 days, as you mention in your post.

However, as World War Z cannot be found my guess is that is not on Keymailer's list of games, and cannot be tagged, thus making it "invalid".

I suggest you make a video of any other game that you have and has a Keymailer page with its own tag.

And even after meeting all the requirements accreditation can take a while to verify, especially if you don't have many subscribers.
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Thanks for replying, that does indeed sound like the situation.
I had presumed that any gaming content would qualify, and that using the correct tags was important when they were applicable. This does not seem to be the case.
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Great answer! World War Z is unfortunately not on keymailer yet, which is why it cannot be found. As soon as you have 3 videos on your content stream that are not older than 3o days it counts as the 3 recent videos ! :)
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