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First of all, sorry my english, it's not my language.

I know, i saw a previous message talking about this. But i want remember this problem. Many Youtubers have a second channel. I think, when a Youtuber have two or more channels with a lot of suscribers, this is not a problem. But for me, for example, with a second little channel is a problem.

First, because my two channels have different style of videogames i can't request a key with my main channel (more than 10.000 subs) for the second channel (1.000 subs). I think i don't like it. it's like a lie.

Second, because i'm playing games and these games are upoaded in the second channel, this can affect my coverage in my main channel through steam who understands that I have not uploaded them.

I saw the developer can contact us. Maybe Could we also contact the developers? This can be a temporary solution because i can request a key and explain in a message the second channel situation.

I have another suggestion too. Can you add a "Sci-Fi" in Genre?

Another suggestion. Can you add us the posibility to know How do developers see our profile? I think can be good for us to know if we are doing well.

Thank you for this website. Good job.

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Unfortunately, we are still not able to connect two youtube accounts to one keymailer account.  If you would like to have both of them connected on keymailer you would need two keymailer accounts, which is a lot of work for you I imagine.

I forwarded the request for a Sci-Fi genre, but see no reason why it shouldn't be added in the next update :)

We had at the beginning the plan to make the message system both ways, but the devs have been worried to get flooded with spam messages which is why you can only message a dev once they have messaged you first.

Publishers have basically the same view like you when you go onto your "My Profile" section, except they also get a statistic of how high the chance is for their key to be covered (calculated by the amount of keys that you have covered in the past), and a statistic for every genre of games and the hours spent on playing them (e.g Horror: 102h played, Adventure: 12h played). If you have played one of their games, they also have this video tagged onto their gameview.
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Ah! Good info. It's very interesting to know how keymailer works with the statistics.

Currently i have two accounts on keymailer, the problem is i only have one account on Steam and i can't link the two keymailer accounts. I hope this can be possible in a future or a unique keymailer account.

Thank you for all ^^

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