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Heya! Sorry for issues ahead of time. Trying to find out if its possible to re-que my Elsewyr key so I can re-request a correct one, if I need to that is.

I confirmed I requested a Bethesda Platform key and got sent a Steam one, not even thinking about it I tried to claim on Bethesda site realizing it was Steam shortly after and its unused currently.. Is there a way to re-que the key for another person perhaps? Thanks!
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Also had a Steam key Issued versus a Bethesda.net launcher request.  Reported the key invalid but curious to know how to proceed from here and if there is any way to put the key back in the queue for others.
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This happened to me as well and I reported an issue with the key. Just waiting on someone from Zenimax to take a look.

It would be really nice if Keymailer included the contact info of whomever is responsible for giving away keys for each game, so if there is an issue there's a way to reach out .
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Agreed :) Would love an easier method of communication. Glad to see I wasn't the only one as well lol.
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cieszy siÄ™ ja ma bardzo :))))))))
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If they have still not reacted I woul recommend sending them an email. You can reach them here:

In general we cannot say who is exactly sending the keys out, as we have a couple of people per organisation that are signed up on keymailer and can send the keys out.
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Will do! Thanks for reaching out to us!
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I don't believe that is the right way to reach out to Bethesda. According to their website that email address is for general info and it will probably take days to weeks to hear back. The fact that Keymailer won't provide more relevant contact information is concerning. Personally I'm going to submit a ticket on the ESO support service, and if that fails, will try reaching out to one of the ESO community managers directly.
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Yea I figured it was the short w/e type answer tbh lol. Lemme know how Support works, no way we're getting a reply anytime soon from the other. I can hit up our guys from Bethesda but I'd rather not bug them about something like ESO/keymailer key issue lol. Rather save asking them for favors for bigger games etc.
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Hey, if you haven't gotten a key for the correct platform yet, I figured out the solution. Go to your keys and where it says "view key" there is a blue envelope button beside it. Click that, and you'll get the option to directly message whomever sent you your key. I did this and got a new key after a day or two. Good luck!
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