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We have over 8K subs on YouTube and upload at least 1 video a week.
We have over 4K followers on Twitch and stream over 20 hours a week and a variety of games.
We average over 75 viewers per stream.
There is a possibility keymailer doesn't ackowledge our Twitch Sings streams because the game is unfamiliar? Idk. Just really disappointed that this is the only sit we haven't been able to review, test, and stream content from. Literally haven't received one code from keymailer and every where else people are throwing codes at us.  Fix it please?

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I had a look why your accounts was still on hold (on hold is when your account has been checked, but due to a reason, it didn't get accreditation yet and has to be checked again).

It is scheduled to be checked again in 2 days.
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