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Since I don't know whether or not the mods notice comments on answers...
So, after having been in "pending" for about half a year, now my account is listed as unaccredited even though I meet all the requirements.
Maybe it has something to do with some wrong tags popping up on keymailer. 2 of my videos have a tag for a game called The Warriors of Treasure. I didn't use this tag on youtube so I have now idea why keymailer displays it. My latest video is flaged as invalid, maybe because of the wrong tag, even though it's a legitimate video about the game plague tale.
Just one other video is flagged as invalid, and rightfully so, because it's about the show Game of Thrones. between and around those two videos are a bunch of gaming related videos, enough to fit keymailer's criteria, so I don't get why I didn't get accredited.
Just had a look and it seems I'm back in pending... but... do I need to wait another 6 months for a second chance?
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Thanks for your message.

Your video did get flagged due to the tag "The Warriors of Treasure" being on it, I had a closer look on that game and saw that there was an internal link broken which made it randomly tag itself. So it should be fixed now.

Your account shows up as pending to me and should be checked today. And no worries, it only took so long to get checked as the pending queue was so long. Currently we are at 195 subs, so it should get checked today!

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