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I do have two items which are flagged as "invalid content" (from 6th ad 7th of May 2019). I guess this is because a wrong game has been tagged (using "city builder" as tag). Unfortunately I can't remove/edit the mentioned tag on those entries, since the "edit tags" buttons are not visible.

May I ask for assistance on this?

Also, I think this was the reason for my account in accreditation status "under review" to go back to "pending". I hope you will be able to check it again soon.

Thanks a lot!

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I unflagged the video and you should be able to edit the tags now.

Your account is back to pending as well. Usually at the beginning it gets put under review and gets checked again in 1 week time. If it has been checked 3 weeks in a row, it gets checked in 1 month time.
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