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I'm having issues with the content stream for a while now. Some content from months ago isn't showing, all numbers (views and favs) are way off, games owned included (on Steam). The only accurate data is the subs count.

I also can't tag Rage 2, for some reason (I get this alert: "Rage 2 has been removed as a tag for this content item and cannot be re-added"), and The Division 2 is also missing as a tag.

There is a way to more accurately show my content stream?


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Was the tag "Rage 2" before on the video and you have edited it? As soon as a tag is deleted off a video on keymailer you cannot add it in again.

For the division 2 tag, the game is not on keymailer, and only game tags of games that are on keymailer can be added.

Which videos are not showing up for you?
Your stats are only being updated once a month.
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The tag "Rage 2" was changed automatically the next day I used it, and now I'm not able to add it again. An odd tag that I can't remember was added in its place, I don't know from which game and I don't know why. I understand why I cannot add the same tag, but I don't understand why it changed in the first place.

Here's the missing content from my stream on Keymailer:

Published May 20th:

Published May 13th

Published May 4th:

Published May 2nd:

Published April 27th:

Also, my tracked Steam games are stuck since the day I've registered on Keymailer, around January.

Thanks for the reply.

Edit. I've just got accredited and I'm now able to submit content manually, thanks.
Numbers are way off still. I'd also like to add the tag for The Division 2, if possible.

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