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My account is Unaccredited even if I post regularly (Mostly 3 gaming videos per week), and I have my videos shown on my profile.
I have more the 150 videos on my channel and I tag the videos successfully and with no problems, and my videos are all over 5 minutes.
I'm sure I meet al the required criteria to be accredited, but it doesn't even go to pending.
Can you help?
Thank you

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Hey Duckflip,

Accreditation can take a while due to the high amount of users signing up to Keymailer.

If you have met all of the requirements such as correctly tagging your content,  videos being a good duration and have the necessary amount of followers/subs it's only a matter of time before you're accredited!

I had the same issue, it took a little while but I got my accreditation and loving using Keymailer.

Good luck!
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Thank you so much for your advice :) and good luck for you as well
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Thank you Duckflip!

Have you had any progress?
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My account was manually accredited, I have over 150 coverage, however, It doesn't seem like the devs are seeing my requests, it's like i'm still not accredited.
the only keys I'm getting are the ones offered by other devs, that I didn't request keys from.
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