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I was given a key for Swords of Gargantua, yet when I tried to redeem it onb Steam the next day, Steam said "Dupicate key, this key has been redeemed on another account".

I reported the issue using the report button the the keymailer page, but have had no response.

I have contacted the dev on Twitter, but they said to speak to Keymailer.

Could I please have a valid key for the game?


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Hello there,
thank you for getting in touch regarding your game key.

Please bear in mind that Keymailer does not deal directly with the keys of the Publishers or Developers. So with this being the case we do not have the power to reissue you a new key.

You have done the correct thing in reporting that the key has an issue. The Publisher/Developer is notified of the issue. Please be guarded to the fact that it is E3 this week and the vast majority of gaming studios are in attendance. This means that they may not see your request straight away.

If by this time next week there is still no response please do get in touch again via this thread and we will endevour to investigate.

Thank you for your time.
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Thank you. I will see what happens in the next week from today. I have once previously had this issue before, and despite reporting it nothing was done. Hopefully it is difference this time.
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So unfortunately there has still been no response to the report. I contacted the devs on their Twitter, but they just said I had to take it up with Keymailer of which I have already by reporting the key.
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Just chiming in to mention I have the exact same issue with the exact same game.

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