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Hello I have been doing 3-4 hour streams on twitch for about a week and a half for a key I received here.

When I check on my profile about games played and hours put into it both say 0.

I understand that it should take 24-48 hours to update.

May the reason be I am not accredited that the values are not being recorded or am I misunderstanding some important information.

Thank you for your replys
Mister Whimsy

1 Answer

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You mean the All Games and VR Games covered?
We get this information from steam but it has been working on and off in the last few weeks. We are working on it.
It shows on my internal view that you have made 5 streams/videos within the last 30 days.
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Yes I did mean the all games (i was thinking it was meant to show off games that i was given)

I have streamed/video more but your system doesnt recognize hades gameplay. I assume this is because the game isnt on steam. Also because I am not twitch affiliated and after two weeks my streams are deleted may also be reasons for the 5 in 30 days

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